“Dear Sinai 48 Hot Dogs….”

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This is an email I sent to Best’s Kosher Foods, the makers of Sinai 48 Kosher Hot Dogs, regarding an idea my sister Meg and I came up with for a new ad jingle for their product:

Advertising/Public Relations Division
Best’s Kosher Foods
1001 West Exchange Avenue
Chicago, IL 60609


A few weeks back, my family and I were sitting around munching Sinai 48 hot dogs and came up with a dandy little jingle for your products. I thought I’d pass it along to you:

[Sung to the tune of the “Armor Hot Dog” jingle]

Hot dogs,
Kosher hot dogs,
What kind of kids eat kosher hot dogs?

Reformed kids,
Hasidic kids,
Kids who dine on lox,

Sephardic kids,
Even kids who’re orthodox

Love hot dogs
Ko-sher hot dogs,
The dogs—your—rab—bi—liiiiiiiikes!

If you should elect to use this jingle, please send me a check for twenty thousand dollars. 😉


Andrew Lenzer

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