And the final decision is……….

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A Subaru.

Yup, I’m guaranteed grade A boring.

For a while I was really kind of disappointed. Not disappointed in the car which is going to be (say in the most outré voice imaginable) FAB-u-LOUS! But disappointed in myself that I wasn’t enough in love with the Mini to not be enchanted with a different car.
How stupid is that?

Mini: Cute, cute, ohmigod CUTE! Good mileage, fun to drive. Crappy rear visibility, expensive to maintain, and only maintainable at mechanics who work on BMW engines (read, only maintainable in Fife or Bellevue).
Subaru: Less cute, equal mileage, bigger engine, more space (whythehell do I need a bigger car?) and for what I was going to pay for a mid-range Mini, I got a sock-it-to-me LOADED Subaru. Bells and whistles out the bells and whistles. Good rear visibility, and even if the physical visibility isn’t as good as I need, I’ve got (squee!) a backup camera!

Okay, yeah, I’m boring, but I’ve got a DAMN FINE car.

My little green bean was a good vehicle, I got a LOT of relatively trouble free miles out of her, and I’d have been happy to continue to drive her for another couple of years. But I didn’t want to blow a lot of money on the head gasket and I didn’t want to put in a new clutch.
And my new car talks to me. And listens when I talk back (well, mostly. I’ve still got some programming to do with the voice recognition software).

Wanna ride?

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