Black Panther

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Haven’t seen it yet. Intend to see it in the theater which is a rare occurrence for Andrew and I since we’re basically antisocial misanthropic troll people who dislike crowds of the general public. Want to see it soon, schedules permitting, since the reviews I’ve gotten ROCK.

That being said, I know y’all have probably heard of The Bechdel Test and if you haven’t heard of Keith Knight please allow me to introduce you.  Keef has got to be one of the most brilliant commentators on American society in general since Molly Ivans died.

Keef, having seen Black Panther on opening night in his ‘burg, is proposing something akin to The Bechdel Test only regarding black characters instead of women.  It needs to be called “The Black-del Test”.  It really does.


Rest in Peace

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Anthony Michael Lenzer
19 December 1929 – 8 February 2018


Dear Tony

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I will never have enough words to say how much I am grateful for that with which you have provided me.
My love, my soul mate, and his entire boisterous, loud, annoying, deeply loving and deeply loved extended clan.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep watch. And I’ll make sure that Andrew takes good care of himself.

Be at peace now. I’ll miss you.


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