The Plan

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The nice lady at Swedish spoke with the on call transplant nephrologist who told her to tell me to arrange for Andrew to get a monoclonal antibody infusion.

Great! How do we do that?

“Well, if you were in town we’d tell you to come in to one of the Swedish clinics and we’d be able to do it here.”


Nice Lady told me to check with the local health department since they usually have monoclonal antibodies.
I checked with the health department, they didn’t. They recommended that I call around to the local hospitals to see whether or not their emergency departments or infusion centers had doses.

So late Thursday night I was calling every hospital I could find in Santa Fe to see whether or not they had The Good Stuff.
BINGO! Got one.
Made an appointment for Andrew on Saturday morning, their next available, to get an infusion of monoclonal antibodies.

While I was dealing with medical stuff Andrew was dealing with travel stuff. According to the CDC we had to quarantine for 10 days. Fuck.

Andrew contacted the hotel. At that point, June 30th, our reservation was through July 6th. Which is not, of course, 10 days. Andrew explained the situation to them and was met with, unsurprisingly, “Sorry. Can’t extend your stay. The upcoming holiday means that we’re super full for the next 10 days and there’s no room.” Double fuck.
We couldn’t stay at Meg’s house, she was already hosting Sara and they were both sick but they didn’t have Covid.
We couldn’t stay at Libby’s house. Libby was hosting Caitlin and Calvin, all three of them were sick, but not with Covid. Lucy was the only adult in the family who wasn’t sick and she wasn’t likely to want two more sickies around even if there had been space for us (which there wasn’t).
The chances of us being able to find another hotel that would rent us a room knowing that we were sick, there wasn’t any way to hide it at that point, were vanishingly small. Triple fuck.

We did get a tiny ray of hope when Andrew found the exception on the CDC’s website. The exception was that if you’re Covid positive but have had an approved treatment and it’s been more than 24 hours since you’ve needed to take any medication to control your fever you can fly.

Then all we needed was the approved treatment.

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