Another Pumpkin Pogrom Down The Hatch

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Many thanks to all who participated!


At long last….

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Back from whatever hiatus has been present in the last 6 months.

Seamus was adopted by a veterinary dentist friend of mine in Vancouver BC. She reports that Seamus is growing up into an obnoxious, highly intelligent (I think that lump on his face probably contains brains too) adolescent cat who likes to snuggle with her adolescent son. An ideal situation.
Seamus has also had three separate facial surgeries. Two to remove supernumerary teeth (one set of deciduous, one set of permanent) from a bony cyst underneath the lump, one to have the teeth on the left side of his lower jaw manipulated so that he isn’t biting the roof of his own mouth. Apparently Seamus is a typical bottle raised kitten brat which means that while he’s very bonded to people, he doesn’t see why he should behave any differently with people than he would with his own siblings so there is often a good deal of chaos and confusion whenever he has to be restrained for medical purposes. Snort! Do your veterinarian a favor and don’t ever adopt a bottle raised kitten. They’re all bratty.

That having been said, here’s my new and revised October well wishes for 2017:

Happy Birthday (10/2)
Happy Birthday (10/4)
Happy Birthday (10/7)
Happy Birthday (10/8)
Happy Birthday (10/9)
Happy Birthday (10/14)
Happy 30th! Anniversary (10/17)
Happy Birthday (10/20)
Happy First Birthday you red headed little squirt! (10/22)

And a very happy (if slightly belated, you missed the October cutoff by 4 days and I think your Mama is probably grateful for it) birthday to Shawn & Annie’s new son Samuel who was born in a remarkably short period of time on 9/26.

love you all!

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