Our Second Glowing Review of Bath Fitter

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For a while if you Googled “Bath Fitter Kent Wa.” our previous glowing review of Bath Fitter was the first hit past the sponsored links. I just did a quick search and found that we were actually on the second page of the search results, but that’s okay. We need to update it anyway.

In 2008 when we were doing a major series of remodels both inside and outside of the house we decided to re-do our hideously outfitted and decorated upstairs bathroom. With regards to the bath/shower enclosure we decided to yank the whole thing out and put in a tub length shower stall. We don’t have children and since neither of us is particularly comfortable in a standard bathtub…. Well why not?
Y’all may recall the whole, sweaty process of remodeling. We’re really glad the remodeling is over and we’ve been consistently happy with the results.

And we LOVE our enormous walk-in shower. Double sliding glass doors, towel bars on the inside and the outside of the shower stall, lots of space to flail around and wash waist length hair. Very satisfactory all the way around.

Until around the 11th of July.
Andrew and I were sitting in the living room watching TV after dinner. All of a sudden in the quiet of the evening there was this most peculiar noise. For all the world it sounded like someone with a 30 gallon metal garbage can full of glass marbles pouring said marbles on a tile floor. And over it all the sound of trickling water. The cats disappeared, Andrew looked at me and I looked at him then as one we got up to investigate. Andrew went one way and I went the other. Andrew found nothing in the kitchen or dining room, I was walking down the hallway when I found glass on the floor. The water trickling sound was louder.

Hm. That ain’t right.

Opened the bathroom door and ka-BLOOEY!

For some entirely inexplicable reason one of the doors on the shower stall had broken. Like, broken into a million, zillion pieces and fallen mostly into the shower stall. The marble pouring noise was the safety glass breaking. The water trickling noise was the remaining largish pieces of safety glass cracking. It was a glorious mess. Scratch that. It was a hellacious mess and, of course, the cats decided that they had to be fascinated instead of frightened and wanted to come in and help investigate.
So long story short, we got it cleaned up (thank you to whomever invented the Shop-Vac) and called Bath Fitter the next morning.

Now the only complaint I have about the whole process is that it took two weeks for Bath Fitter to get the repair done. That having been said, however, it wasn’t Bath Fitter’s fault that it took two weeks. The doors and hanging hardware are custom made for each enclosure so Bath Fitter was working on a schedule that wasn’t theirs. It took two weeks to get the repair done because it took two weeks to get the doors and the hardware custom made.

On Thursday the Bath Fitter dude came out, replaced the doors, repaired the grout in a couple of places and *poof* we’ve got our upstairs shower back again.
And it cost…. Nothing.
The doors, the hardware, even the grout and the labor were covered under the lifetime warranty.

So say what you like about your experience with Bath Fitter in Kent. Our experience is that they are responsive and responsible and a class act all the way around!


This is awesome!

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One of my more pervert online veterinary buddies posted this and I couldn’t stand not to share it!


Laugh of the day!

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Wait! Wait!! Hkscxklfffttttt! (snort snort snort)

Do you really mean to tell me….. Snckxlffffftttttttt!

Okay, okay. I’m better now.

You’re feeding your dog a home cooked diet whose ingredients are (you pointed this out) certified organic. You’re feeding your dog an assload of unnecessary vitamins and supplements all carefully researched (on the web) to be pure, and natural, and beneficial and all that good shit. You’re giving your dog BOTTLED WATER so she’s not exposed to the chemicals and pathogens that are present in municipal tap water. Your dog has her own room and her own memory foam bed.

And then ksklkfxxttttt! (SNORT)(pant, pant, pant)… And then you tell me that your dog’s treats consist of turkey hot dogs and pepperoni.
Possibly two of the most chemical and pathogen laden, inorganic, lips and asshole based meat products available on the market.


Whew (wiping brow). Thanks, I needed that.

Youth is wasted on the young and irony is truly wasted on the oblivious.

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