Remember, Kids: Mind-Altering Drugs And A Career In Advertising Don’t Mix

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I found this little gem whilst pulling apart an old issue of the Seattle Times for use as snake cage liner, and was driven to my knees—nay, nearly through the floorboards—with hysterical laughter.

I can only hope and pray that the good folks at Pegasus decide to take their fabulously popular print campaign onto the airwaves, using (I beg of you) the same ad copy writer:

“Say Marge, I just love your past gas! Wherever did you come by it?”

“Why, at Pegasus, Vicky! I go there for all my past gas. It’s the only place I’d consider for past gas!”

“Sounds great, Marge, let’s go to Pegasus and enjoy some past gas today!”

“That’s right, Folks: for all your past gas needs, think Pegasus! And while you there, be sure to ask for one of their delicious hot dogs. For every five hot dogs, you get free past gas! Just perfect for when you need a quick (*cough*) break!”

For the sake of the poor schlub who put this ad together, I hope by all that is holy that the client insisted on the wording. Elsewise, I imagine this person is now wearing the proud uniform of Hot Dog On A Stick. To whomever the culprit may be, as a person who writes copy for part of my living, may I offer a suggestion? Before you commit it to a press run of a few hundred thousand, say it out loud a few times. It could end up saving your job, your business or your dignity. 😛

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