A Neologism Especially For Cat Owners

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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This particular neologism has been in rattling around in Margaret’s and my vocabulary for some time, but she mentioned having recently incapacitated a colleague at work by using it in front of him, and this made me realize that I had not shared it with the rest of you.

Unlike many dogs, cats spend a lot of time at approximately eye height with their owners. They jump up onto your desk, climb up into your lap, insinuate themselves between you and your book/TV show/delicious sammich. This puts one in highly intimate contact with their various ends. Some ends are more, well, mannerly than others.

‘Round these parts (and those parts), the south-bound end of a north-bound cat is commonly referred to as a “Pink Wink”. 😀

Or, alternatively, a “Cat Ass Trophy”. Say it fast. 😯

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