So Many Misinterpretations, So Little Time….

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Checking my referrers this morning, I happened across this little doozy from a Netizen in Barcelona, Spain, searching via Google UK:

procedure for cortisone injection in lumber region

I find it interesting that Google did not pick up on the misspelling of “lumbar”, as it so often does with other misentered search terms. As it was, there were plenty of poorly-proofed pages for this person to access. Mine only came up because of the purely coincidental juxtaposition of the actual term “lumber” in a previous post about my back and the phrase “cortisone injection” in a more recent post about my back. Backity back back.

(Hmm; that last part has just the right cadence for the “A Team” score. “Backity back baaaaack, back baack baaaaack, backity back baaaaack, ba-cky backy baaaaack….”)

*Ahem* Anyway, setting aside the probably non-native-English-speaking status of this person (a typically uncharitable move on my part), I found lots of humorous and/or ominous possibilities in this search string. Perhaps this person was trying to save a few bucks by looking for online tutorials on injecting cortisone into his own spine? I’m picturing some yahoo with an old 13-gauge horse syringe he found in the back of an uncle’s barn, freshly filled with an entire economy-sized tube of Anusol Cream (cortisone, hydrocortisone, whatever), looking at his back through a hand mirror and preparing to jam the thing into his third vertebral interstice. 😮

Or maybe the “lumber” part wasn’t a misspelling at all. Maybe this person was looking to shore up old, worn decking by tapping into the magical healing powers of the modern pharmacopeia.

Or, taking it a step further (perhaps a step too far), maybe the guy was having a little trouble in the “lumber region”, and was hoping that a cortisone injection would help him….um….get wood. 😛

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