Yup, It’s Fall

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This morning (okay, so it’s afternoon, gimme a break. It’s Sunday which means that morning extends until about 2 p.m.) I’ve been sitting at my computer in my jammies futzing around and listening to the wind blow. I looked up through the window over my left shoulder at one point and discovered an odd precipitation.
Just over our east property line is a maple tree that must be 40 years old. I love this tree not only for its inherent beauty as a tree, but for the ten thousand pounds of leaves that it provides my garden every fall. The neighbors don’t mind at all that I rake the leaves on their property. 🙂
Being so close to Puget Sound we usually get all of our weather from the west or the northwest. Prevailing winds are almost always in an east/southeast direction. This morning the wind has been from the southeast which means that the maple seed helicopters that usually fly east on a west wind were flying west to cross my window.

A five minute (or more) maple shower. Thousands of little helicopters catching the wind and flying quite astonishing distances. I watched one get all the way across the street and out of my sight behind the neighbor’s house. With a steady breeze it could still be flying along.
It was wonderful.

Spring and summer are usually way more my thing. But I’ll admit there are parts of fall that I can appreciate too.

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