Delirium Musings

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I caught the office Crud….that’s Crud with a capital “C”….. just in time for my weekend.
Well, okay, on Wednesday in between amputating a leg and dealing with the cardiologist who had come to do cardiac ultrasound exams for us I was coughing until my eyes popped out (ew!), but fortunately the capital “C” part of the crud didn’t get me until yesterday morning.
As it has been since I had scarlet fever as a toddler, if any virus does so much as look crosswise at me I’ll run an astonishing fever. So, true to form, yesterday I was running somewhere in the 102 F range. Which left me loopy, achy, and subject to some deep and vital ponderings while David The Contractor worked on putting our upstairs bathroom back together. He’s done a fine job of taking it apart…. it looks like a bomb went off in there and there’s still a bathtub in my garage, but the putting it back together part of the whole charade is taking a bit longer.
Pondering the First: If you’re feverish enough and in enough need of distraction, a dude in the other room spreading and sanding drywall mud can sound remarkably like surf on a distant beach.
Pondering the Second: If one must be at the feverish “kill me” phase of a virus, it is helpful to have a stash of Tylenol with codeine left over from a root canal. While the acetaminophen part of a Tylenol with codeine doesn’t do much to knock down the body aches of the office Crud, the codeine part is a FINE thing. I spent much of my time yesterday asleep in the soothing depths of codeine which was remarkably welcome (if not very helpful in keeping me from being loopy).
Pondering the Third: It is considerably less lonesome to be sick if one has cats with which to do it. This is the first time in close to 20 years that I’ve had to spend large amounts of time in bed during the day without a cat. I was pretty convinced several times yesterday that I was, in fact, being kept company by an invisible critter that was crawling up onto my chest and stomping on my ribs before settling down to purr at me heavily (maybe it was just the codeine). I mean, for heaven’s sake, if I’m going to be horizontal, piled in blankets and pouring off heat, it really seems wasteful to not have someone else to appreciate it.

I have close to 200 onion starts that I desperately need to get into the ground, I need to continue working on peeling the wallpaper out of my study, and there’s a load of crap that really needs to go to Goodwill. Somehow I think that none of this is going to get done this weekend.

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