Why Veterinary Medicine is Uber Cool — Part One

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I was flipping through the April 15th Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association a couple of weeks ago when I ran into the following article.

Internal Fixation of a Femur Fracture in an American Bullfrog

Four page article, complete with photos of the surgery and photos of the pre- and postoperative radiographs of a large male Bullfrog. Froggy had been crossing the road when he had been hit by a car then carefully captured and transported to an amphibian rescue organization associated with the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.
In the interests of species preservation, and also because it was UBER COOL, froggy had a pretty darn complex surgery, got a pin placed in his fractured femur and then spent eleven months in rehab being fed his antibiotics and pain medications in (this is seriously cool) crickets.

I usually read my JAVMAs more out of a sense of responsibility or as something to do when I’m bored rather than through any real interest in (most of) the articles. Every so often something like this crops up and I get to realize all over again why it is that I entered this profession.

Veterinary medicine is so cool.

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