Looking For A New ISP

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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I’ve just about had it with my current Internet Service Provider, Zhonka Broadband. They used to be a great company but in the last month or so we have experienced something like ten or twenty instances where their DNS has crapped out, leaving me with no email. Worse, they never answer their support line, and the voice mailbox is always full, presumably with other customers’ complaints. So fuck ’em, I’m pretty much done.

Anyone have any suggestions? I’d like to stay with DSL (no FiOS in my area, and local cable Internet provider Comcast is an evil ISP), host my Web and possibly mail servers out of my home on static IPs, and work with a company that has a reasonable idea of what constitutes acceptable use of their pipes. I don’t torrent or operate a TOR proxy or anything; I just don’t want my bandwidth throttled or my service cut off because I did something in violation of line 8,729 of their Terms of Service contract.

So please, offer me up your gems of wisdom, O Gentle Reader. Quickly, while my service is still up.

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