October’s Worse Than January

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With the birth of Renee & John’s new daughter VERY early yesterday morning our total count for October celebrations is at nine. That’s one birthday or anniversary every 3 days, for those that are counting.

Allow me to be the first to say (very deep inhale)
Happy birthday (October 2)
Happy birthday (October 4)
Happy birthday (October 7)
Happy birthday (October 8th) {I had to put in the “th” after the number on this one because otherwise it turns out like this 8) }
Happy birthday (October 9)
Happy birthday (October 10)
Happy birthday (October 14)
Happy anniversary (October 17)
Happy birthday (October 20).

gasp gasp gasp.

Happy birthday y’all. Gonna take a lot of breath to blow out all those candles.

My, I Amuse Myself

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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Whilst exchanging emails with a couple of friends, I came up with an observation I just had to share.

Just about everyone is cognizant of the “tramp stamp“, that thankfully-slightly-less-ubiquitous-than-previously lower back tattoo of the young, drunk and judgement-impaired.

Wouldn’t a “Biohazard” symbol be the ultimate tramp stamp? 😀

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