Additional Random Neural Firings

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If the plural noun for a group of crows is a “murder”, is the plural noun for a murder of crows a “massacre”?
See I ask because I was on my way home from work the other day and stopped at an intersection in Southcenter I was struck by the huge number of crows there were flitting about. Literally hundreds of them, all calling to the point where I could hear them with my windows up and my stereo going.

Why do people think it’s less disgusting if they pick up and bag their dog’s poop then leave the tidily bagged poop in other people’s landscaping? Along my walking route there are at least two dog walkers (or one person that uses two distinct types of bags) who pick up after their dog, tie off the bag, and then leave the bag tucked away in a bush somewhere. WHY is that less gross than just letting the dog take a dump and leaving it? At least if the poop is un-bagged it has a chance to be washed away when it rains. People confuse me.

Seen on a roadside sign on my way home….


I don’t live in Sea-Tac (and here I will restate my protest at having a town/city/municipality named after an airport that is named after two large cities. Silly if you ask me.) so I’m obviously missing something but…. GWUH?

There’s a reason that your physician tells you to take deep breaths when they’re ausculting your chest. That reason is this: If you’re not involved in taking deep breaths when there’s a stethoscope on your chest, you’ll be tempted to talk to the person on the other end of the stethoscope. I know this for a fact because people think that the very best time to talk to their veterinarian is when she’s listening to their pet’s heart.
What is it about that action, the placement of the ear pieces in the ears, that makes people garrulous? Why…… Well, I know why. People don’t think, that’s why. Thus at least once a day when I’ve got a stethoscope in my ears, my head bent over a cat or dog, and a watch in my hands on which I am concentrating intently, a client will START TO YAP.
It may be a sign of maturity, it may just be that I’m getting crankier as I get older, but I’ve gotten to the point now where I don’t even respond. I used to pull the stethoscope out of my ears, raise my head and listen politely. Now I’ve just gotten to the point where I ignore people completely if they’re talking to me when I’m listening to a chest. I suppose the “crankier” diagnosis is probably more appropriate, because I also get a little twinge of amusement listening to their muffled voices trail away as they realize that I’m ignoring them completely.

If you wouldn’t bring your dog to your kid’s doctor’s appointment, why would you bring your kid to your dog’s veterinarian’s appointment?

And I really would love to know this one. Every so often, actually about once a week in the spring and again in the fall, we’ll get a flyer of some sort left on our front porch by a local landscaping or lawn care company (not the same one every time, there’s a bunch of them). Obviously the people who deliver these missives have either walked THROUGH my front garden to get to the front door, or have walked up the driveway and up the stairs FACING my front garden to get to the front door. So I gotta ask… Does it LOOK like I need a landscaper or a yard service?

Two types of peas, two types of beans, three types of spring onions, and a mother lode of radishes have been planted. Along with a BUNCH of flowers. It was a great but very, VERY short weekend.

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