Garden Tally

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Really, REALLY poopy year for tomaters. It was a very stereotypical western Washington summer which means that it was cool and damp for much of the summer. Great for the climate, crappy for tomatoes. I’ve got the third batch in the dehydrator even as we speak, but it was just too cold to ripen any of the big tomatoes well (thus the dehydrator — dried tomatoes that are vaguely underripe taste just fine) and even the cherry tomatoes didn’t do very well. The plants did okay, but they didn’t set much fruit.
Finally managed to have some success with the beans. Lots and LOTS of beans in the freezer.
I tried my hand at a jalepeno pepper plant which did, of course, CRAPPY. Got some onions, got a decent number of potatoes.

But what I find the most entertaining about this year’s garden?

I didn’t plant a single one of these pumpkins.

Yet another reason to love organic gardening.

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