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Snow day, snow day, SNOW! DAY!

It took me two hours to drive the 10 miles from Renton to home last night. It took Andrew 45 minutes to drive the 2 1/2 miles from the airport, where he was picking up Shawn, to home yesterday afternoon.

When I got home yesterday evening I called my boss, she had asked me to call and let her know that I got home okay, to tell her that I politely declined to do anything like that again anytime real soon. Our practice is at the top of a very steep hill which isn’t enough of a major thoroughfare to be plowed, but which is enough of a major thoroughfare to be extremely busy. There’s an alternate route down off of the hill, but that routes me through downtown (such as it is) Renton and onto 405 to get home. Which is the route I took home last night. I did just fine, my trusty all wheel drive did me proud. No, it was the rest of the world that was flat out terrifying.

Nope, nuh-uh.
Ain’t doing that again.

I rather suspect that the practice is closed today anyway since, well, none of the staff and very few of the clients will be wanting to attempt that drive.

Me? I’m staying home. I’m going to shovel snow. If there’s enough of it I may make a snowman. I’m going to clean the house, and make macaroni and cheese for dinner.

It’s been a long time since I had a snow day. 😀

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