A new species?

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Witness the rare and elusive Western Washington Featherbrained Nimnode.

Actually what he is is a Golden Crowned Kinglet.

A *horny* Golden Crowned Kinglet.

How do we know he’s horny, you ask?
The featherbrained little idiot has spent most of the last three days banging the bejeezus out of himself against the window box in our kitchen trying to chase off the rival, or, as the rest of the world sees it, his own reflection in the window. When we (temporarily) cooled his ardor by putting things in the window box that would block his reflection he switched his attentions to his reflection in our sliding glass door.

While he’s very amusing to the cats I find him more than a little annoying because the window box is now covered in bird poop. Or, as Andrew pointed out, if he’s that horny we at least hope it’s bird poop.

What is that horrible old saw about women that don’t fit the societal definition of beauty? “She’s got a great personality?” Right. Well at least in this kid’s case it’s a good thing he’s cute because if he started out with the brains of a gnat he sure doesn’t have them now.

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