I fucking HATE premonitions!

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Andrew usually cleans out the snake cage. (For once you can ignore the cats in this photo, this is mainly to give everyone an idea of our snake set up.)

Taller than I, with longer arms, and unencumbered by boobs it is much easier for Andrew to reach the bottom of the snake tank and wipe it out. I usually participate by holding the snakes and keeping the cats away from them.

But Andrew is at the farm today and besides he’s been on a weight lifting restriction since his elbow surgery. So today it was me putting the snake tank back together after we’d fed Chuck and Sally.

And there I was, carefully putting the water tank into the snake tank when I thought “Gosh, wouldn’t it be terribly un-funny if this water tank were to slip and” GA-BLOOSH!

So I can say with authority that the aquarium that houses our snakes is, in fact, water tight. I also know that our living room is tilted ever so slightly to the west because the water formed a nice lagoon on that end of the snake tank and just a shallow puddle on the other end.

But that’s really information that I could have done without knowing. 🙄

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