Excuse me, may I be smug for a moment?

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I realize that it’s probably not the usual reading material of regular readers of UADN, but might I recommend that y’all check out the February edition of Seattle Met Magazine?

Page 66 of the February edition of Seattle Met magazine to be specific.

Granted, it’s rather along the lines of getting your name in Who’s Who, but it’s a peer selected honor so I think I get to be smug. 8)

Now if only I could get them to stop sending me solicitations to purchase a plaque with my name on it for $250. I don’t want one for $250, but also because we got one custom made at a trophy shop with all three of our names and our plaque is cooler than the one that they’re selling, to say nothing of 1/3 the price.

8) Smug 8)

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