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It was a white crowned sparrow nest all right!
I was out picking loganberries again yesterday evening (oh good HEAVENS loganberries!!) and thought it a little bit odd that there was some straw caught in the canes just south of me. It hasn’t really been windy enough to blow the straw around.
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught the sudden movement of something brown into the undergrowth around my lilac bush. Oh no, I did NOT just see a rat!!
But unless rats start to chirp when they’re disturbed……
Then I saw the piece of fuzz, someone seems to have lost some acrylic fuzz from inside a comforter, caught up in the loganberry canes. THEN I saw the new nest.
This one is an active nest. I got scolded all the rest of the time I was picking over there. Which means that I’m not going to pick that end of the loganberries for the rest of the season. Oh well!
Which probably explains my perfectly execrable luck with starting peas on that end of the garden. I’ve started peas three times now and I might have five pea plants.

I’m still willing to put up with it! 😀

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