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How are you voting on Initiative 522?

I’m conflicted. Yeah, “the evidence states that there is no known detrimental effect to human health from the consumption of genetically modified foods”, on the other hand there’s no known detrimental effect to human health from the consumption of dairy products made from cows treated with recombinant BGH, but I drink organic non-treated milk.
Yeah, the above “no known detrimental effect to human health” evidence probably comes from studies funded by the companies that want to block passage of the initiative. But does that necessarily mean that the evidence is skewed?
Is the initiative really so poorly written, as the nay-sayers say, that things like dog food will have to be labeled, but meat won’t?

As a Greener leftie I’m inclined to vote for it simply because the initiative strikes me as something of a good idea. But if it’s really written so poorly, and yes, I’ve read the whole initiative, that the law would be toothless and expensive, I don’t want to be part of its implementation. I have, as I said, read the initiative as it stands but I just don’t have the devious brain to winkle out the subtleties that might make the law a poopy one. I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve read it, but I don’t understand it.

Anyone with opinions?

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