Pardon me, but do you really believe that?

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I had all these lofty ideas of puttering in my garden for a bit after I got off work this afternoon, but I’m still not over the galloping buboes that I caught last weekend and it’s too hot (okay it’s only 77F, but still) for me to get Trogdor out and burninate the little plants and grass starts that are growing in the cracks in between the patio bricks so I’ll take this opportunity to whip this out

I know I’ve introduced the idea of the “Dear Client” thread. But for those who are new to UADN allow me to explain. “Dear Client” is a collection of letters, an ongoing monologue if you will, from those of us who subscribe to the Veterinary Information Network to some of our most special clients. “Special”, you must understand, has a very broad definition in this case. “Dear Client” is a therapeutic medium for those of us who have to say things out loud (as it were) to SOMEone to keep the words that we have to say to some of the pet owning public from bursting out of our heads through our eye sockets.

And so I present:

Dear Client

When I asked “Were you planning on having your puppy neutered?”, your response was “No, because he won’t get into dog heaven without all his parts.”
I gotta ask…. Do you actually believe that or are you telling me that because your macho military husband is too worried about his own manhood to do what’s best for his pet’s health because if his dog were castrated that would mean he’s a eunuch too?

Enquiring minds want to know

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