Frog and Toad Again

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So here we are again. It’s 80 odd degrees with mild humidity and wonderful offshore winds. At least there are first thing in the morning. Right now (about 3:30 p.m.) there’s not a breath of breeze and the only moving air around is coming from the ceiling fan.
Also there’s a serious barn-funk that has been pervasive for the last 24 hours. I’m not sure where that’s coming from, I think it’s the new cover for the gas grill that we all chipped in to purchase for Tony’s 85th birthday. Andrew claims that the grill cover smells like vinyl to him which either means that we’re not smelling the same thing, or that this new vinyl grill cover smells like the southbound end of a northbound cow and no one notices it but me.
Me being a little sensitive about the scent of cows.

In general it is not a bad thing to be in Hawaii in late December. In practice, being on the windward side of Oahu when the First Family is in residence can be a little trying.
There have been rather a lot of identical shiny black SUVs with tinted windows and dudes in sunglasses driving them. However so long as one sticks to walking instead of driving the traffic is pretty tolerable.
In fact this morning the traffic was pretty damn amusing actually. I woke up at what my brain was telling me was 8:30 which really meant that it was 630 and only barely sunrise. My back was stiff and the bed was hot so I got up and went for a walk along Kailua beach and into Lanikai whereupon I was rapidly overtaken by a hoard of running elves. There was some sort of parent oriented fun run going on and while all the adults and mobile kids were dressed as elves (all in variations of striped stockings, red fuzzy hats with elf ears, red t-shirts, bells, etc.) the stroller contingent was pretty much uniformly kitted out in brown tutus and fuzzy mittens and socks. I think they were supposed to be reindeer.

We celebrated Tony’s birthday in true Lenzer style last night with those so inclined indulging in an orgy of cippino and garlic pesto bread and those of us who are piscid intolerant inaugurating the grill with some seriously yummy steak (and garlic pesto bread).

Since Andrew’s bicycle blew a tube when we went to inflate the tires two days ago, today we took the bike to the repair shop and then went to The Mission House Museum which was quite interesting. Tomorrow we’ll either take a bike ride along the Kawainui swamp and go birdwatching, or I’ll get some garden work done for Tony and get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

And I am planning on getting around to posting some of the photos that I’ve been taking, but right now the photos are on one device and I’m typing on another. This is Andrew’s laptop and since I don’t currently have easy access to my e-mail, the photos are gonna have to wait. Perhaps tomorrow. Or possibly later today, but Andrew has to be awake first.

Eyup. Big bunches of excitement when you go traveling with us boy howdy!

But we’re having fun.

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