It seems that I’m good at these questions.

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It’s a question of semantics.

I was reading my way through a National Geographic the other day when I ran across an article about the patch of ocean strait between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. Seems that this area is known for being one of the richest and most biologically diverse sections of the temperate Pacific. Apparently has some AMAZING diving conditions.

One of the quite lovely photos that was included in the article was a waft of neon green flowing around a colony of reddish sea urchins. The commentary included with the photo reads “To see how nutrient-saturated currents feed creatures like sea urchins, I poured a nontoxic dye and watched it flow not around the urchin colony but right through it.”

Now remember that this photographer is deep underwater. To get some of the photos for this article he literally had to tie himself to a boat anchor and anchor himself to the bottom to keep from being swept away by the currents.
I submit that the verb “pour” for his action in releasing the dye around this urchin colony does not seem to be the right one. Can one pour something when one is deep underwater? Now granted I can’t come up with a verb that seems to be any more appropriate, but I still don’t think one should be able to pour a liquid when one is submerged in a liquid environment.

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