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Our friends Susan and Will turned us on to FUH2.com last night. Oh, GAWD, did the Universe need this site! Go check ’em out. Now, dammit! I’ll wait.

3 Responses to “Link-Tastic!”

  1. Dalek Says:

    You’re welcome. And thank _you_ for the coffee last evening; it was extremely tasty. What’s the name of the blend and the maker again?

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    The blend is called Trinity, and the roaster is Café Mam, available at http://www.cafemam.com. Good stuff: fair trade, shade grown, certified organic, dolphin-free, allthatgoodshit. The Tango and Italian roast are also quite good. The French roast is—not burnt, not at all, just a deep black sinkhole into which light and coherent thought plummet, never to escape. A tad too strong for me, which is saying a lot.

  3. Dalek Says:

    Thanks Roo! And if the French is too strong for you, it’d probably put me in low-Earth orbit without the benefit of rocketry. 😉

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