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I’m taking my free time pretty seriously at the moment, because after I get back from my LA Adventure I’m gonna be running balls-out to get everything ready for the new catalog mailing. This is my (current) feeble excuse for not posting more.

However, my father forwarded me something from my nephew that I just had to pass along:

Thanks Dad!

8 Responses to “Kinda Busy Right Now….”

  1. david Says:

    omg thats freekin great

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Ain’t it, though? 😀

  3. Gavin Says:

    Cute. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who noticed a trend in Obama marketing: Go here and click the Obama National Anthem link.
    With school kids singing his praises and campaign posters reminiscent of other famous leaders I’m starting to get an uneasy feeling about this.

  4. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Oh yes, absolutely: using a high-contrast posterization effect on a poster means your candidate has designs as a socialist dictator. Some fizzle-headed do-gooder getting her students to participate in a schmaltzy video means that the entire candidacy is null and void, and in fact mortally dangerous to our national stability. It’s all so clear now! 🙄

    People are excited, Man: is that so hard to accept? Smart people as well as not-so-smart, creative as well as those who never should be allowed to operate a video camera. We had the chance this cycle to make one of two huge, paradigm-shattering choices for the Democratic ticket. By comparison, Ancient White Guy and Caribou Barbie don’t offer much to get one’s juices flowing….unless your biggest concern in life is the prospect of taking a modest tax increase on your five-hundred-grand-a-year salary.

    Painting the Democratic ticket as Socialist is the oldest, most well-worn tool in the Repu arsenal. And frankly, it’s all they have left this time around. There’s no impeccable armed services record to distort and smear; there’s no tawdry affairs to blow all out of proportion. All they have to work with is this totally ephemeral connection to William Ayers. Unless of course you’re one of the alarming number of walking algae that still believe he’s a one-man Muslim extremist sleeper cell.

    Not believing in my candidate is an utterly legitimate point of view, and I celebrate your right to announce it from the rooftops. But if you’re really as alarmed by our guy as you seem to be suggesting….well, frankly, I feel kind of sorry for you. I’m certainly not any more frightened of President McCain than I am of the current CinC. I don’t think that a McCain Presidency would signify the beginning of the New Fourth Reich. Just the continuation of the same policies we enjoy today: massive tax cuts for the wealthy, the perpetual squandering of resources, and endless military aggression. I’d rather not see that happen. Not even to you, Comrade. 😛

  5. Mike Says:

    🙁 I couldn’t get the link to work. It stays frozen for me 🙁

  6. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Huh. I’m playing it right now as we type. Here’s a link to the original YouTube page.

  7. Gavin Says:

    Election politics amuses me:

  8. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Wow. Wow, wow, wow. That’s even better than the “Madrasa” scare of earlier this year. 😯

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