Bird Haiku

Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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The damnable crows
Contaminate our bird bath
With stale Wonder Bread.

3 Responses to “Bird Haiku”

  1. Joe Says:

    Tricia and I have our own peeve with the crows in our neighborhood. The house where we live has a flat roof and no attic. Crows have taken to using this flat area, which is inaccessible to flightless creatures, as an arena for settling squabbles without interruption from us groundlings. Annoyingly, the roof provides no sound dampening so we hear the hop hop… scratch, scratch… squawk, squawk… of all the crow’s activities.

    Also, above our front door and below the window of our bedroom, we have flat roofed porch-cover that slopes away from its drain; so it perpetually retains a shallow pool of water. All the neighborhood birds have taken to using this pond as a birdbath. When you watch a bird in a birdbath the rapped flapping of that bird’s wings seems cute. When that bird is doing it in a pond attached to the floor joists of your house, the result is about as annoying as having somebody practice a drum roll in the next room.

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    I feel your pain, Joe. Try being in posession of a shake roof when the woodpeckers are feeling, um, peckish. Tap tap tap TAP TAP TAP TAP….tap TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP….

    I like crows a lot, but they seem to go out of their way to find things to complain about, particularly at about five in the morning. In college (the first time I had ever seen crows) I formulated the theory that crows were the reincarnated souls of chain smokers. It explains their coloration, their raspy voice and their disposition (caught in the grip of a life-long nic fit).

  3. Dalek Says:

    You would perhaps prefer that they used fresh Wonder Bread? 😉

    I too like crows a lot, but I will admit that they can be amazing troublemakers at times. Comes with having intelligence, I guess. People are like that too. 😀

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