Food Fright, Part 6

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Food Fright Part 6

I picked up a few organic juice boxes for our July 4th bash, in case anyone chose to bring their children—or, I suppose, someone else’s children, for that matter. No children were in attendance, so I turned distribution of the itty bitty drinkables over to our roommate Shawn, who has a six-year-old daughter. She took to them with gusto.

The other night, Shawn wandered into the living room holding a box of organic grape juice and said, “I don’t think this company paid a lot of attention to their package design. At least, I hope they didn’t.”

Margaret and I stared at the package for a moment. She got it before I did.

I then had to get up and go check to see if the organic lemonade box somehow managed to spell out the term “forcible sodomy”.

5 Responses to “Food Fright, Part 6”

  1. Dalek Says:

    *laughing hysterically as she tries to type* Must…keep…breathing…

    Dear gods, that’s priceless! Of course, I don’t know if I’d’ve picked up on it if I hadn’t known there was something funny about the design, but hey, that’s just me. Once I knew to look, that’s pretty darn obvious.

  2. Susan's friend, Anne Says:

    I wonder whether an early version showed that blurb in the lower-right corner closer to the
    upper-left, so’s you’d see “Hits the [G] spot.”

  3. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Eeeeeew. 😯

  4. Susan's friend, Anne Says:

    I’m not saying that it makes sense or is in good taste. I’m just corroborating that they clearly
    aren’t too careful with their messaging.

  5. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Duly noted. 😉

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