And What Now?

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e-mail from a friend today. Actually got an e-mail from her SO last week, but haven’t had the time or the words, or the heart, to reply.

Long time friend and colleague. Her brother, with his four kids (ranging from 18 months to 11 years) and his wife, were planning on moving from the DC area back “home” to Chicago on 12/20. Jobs quit, new ones arranged. Older two kids enrolled in school in Chicago already.
Then he’s on his way home from the grocery store on foot and gets clobbered by at least two cars four days before they were set to move. I’m not sure of the details of the accident, but I am certain that he wasn’t ice skating naked on the highway. He wasn’t doing anything reckless, he was walking home from the grocery store for chrissakes. How, HOW can two cars hit an adult pedestrian on the sidewalk carrying bags of groceries in broad daylight?

Fractured ribs, pulmonary trauma, fractured sternum, fractured face and, what’s worst, serious brain trauma. He’s at least responsive to pain now, and he is breathing on his own, but he’s been in a coma since the accident.

I’m not even family and I’m heartbroken. I’ve never met the man and I am at a loss to describe the rush of emotions that I feel for him and his family. As much help as we can offer his sister has been offered.

Be CAREFUL out there. If you’re driving, if you’re walking…. be careful. And never neglect to tell the people in your life that you love them.

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