I Am My Dad

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One of my father’s most exasperating habits during my adolescence was making up little nonsense songs on the fly as he meandered around the house, his resonant baritone throbbing off the walls like some sort of parental echolocation system. Fogey Sonar, if you will. It drove me nuts, particularly when he would do it in front of my friends. (To their credit—and my discredit—it didn’t bother them nearly as much as it did me.)

This morning, while stumbling around the kitchen fixing breakfast, I suddenly realized that I was singing a little ditty about my Grape Nuts. that I had, in fact, been singing said little ditty for at least ten minutes.

Then, in a tiny, airy voice so as to not wake up Margaret, I began shrieking, “AAAAAAAH, I’MMYDADI’MMYDADI’MMYDAD……”

I assume my father woke up this morning chuckling, but does not know why.

6 Responses to “I Am My Dad”

  1. Marle Says:

    So that’s where that comes from!!!!! Every morning David, your brother,
    wakes me up with a little ditty at the top of his lungs. Most mornings,
    it is a song to our cat called ‘Let’s go, let’s go wake your mom’. He also
    has a coffee bean song for when he’s making coffee. Not to mention all the
    songs about different bodily functions and NUMEROUS songs that are dedicated
    to our cats. My mother just had a DNC 2 days ago and David turned a John
    Lennon Christmas song into something for her: ‘Merry Christmas, and
    a happy pap smear’. Need I go on???? I will be sure to thank your father
    for this particular morning treat when I see him at Christmas.

  2. SHAWN Says:

    I my self practice the very same singing ritual how ever I mix in a healthy portion of hip hop dance moves. Hmmmmm…..now why don’t I have a girl friend or roomates?

  3. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Shawn, the thought of you freakin’ across your kitchen in the morning brings a smile to my face. 🙂

  4. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Marle, you HAVE to get Dave to write down his coffee bean song. I MUST have it for my own!

    That bit about waking you up while singing to the cats has an eerily familiar ring to it as well; I usually come into the bedroom on Margaret’s days off singing, “Nappy Nappy Wife Wife” under my breath.

    Nice to see this stuff runs in the family.

  5. david Says:

    is that like happy happy joy joy????????? sweeeeet
    it was from a cartoon or comercial we used to see in hawaii
    and it goes coffie beans cha cha cha delicious coffie beansssssss 🙂

  6. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Good catch, Bro, that’s exactly where I got the idea from. 😉

    I do remember that song! Was it a commercial jingle, or maybe something from either Sesame Street or The Electric Company?

    I tried Googling it, and found a reference that suggests is was an airline commercial. That sounds right; a little beak-nosed man striding around on the top of an aricraft singing. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was Western Airlines, becasue they used that same little guy for the tagline: “WEStern Airlines, the oooooooooonly way to fly!”

    Oh, God help me, how did I manage to dredge THAT up? And just think what sort of useful stuff I could have done with the space that’s taking up in my brain….

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