Your Patience is Appreciated……

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Due to a staffing crisis at work Andrew has been doing little with his work days besides driving 90 miles to Shelton, answering phones all day, then driving 90 miles back to repeat the process the next day.
Leaving him, by the end of the day, limp, cranky, and thoroughly unsuited to sit in front of a computer and chat about ANYthing to say nothing of unsuited to be intelligent and insightful.
FP is, thankfully, paying for the gasoline.

As for myself, when I’ve not been at work over the last two weeks I’ve been working on planning my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, and getting my garden ready for (hee hee, I can’t believe I’m saying this) spring planting. Oh, and getting the details worked out for our somewhat drop of the hat, but entirely overdue, trip to Hawaii to meet up with all of the Lenzer siblings at the same time. This is an occurrence that hasn’t happened in the close to 10 years. A rare opportunity, one that we can’t miss and something that we’re both greatly looking forward to.
Even though it complicates my summer garden plans somewhat. I now have to have everything ready to go, in the ground, and fairly self sustaining by May 26th which is going to be pushing the time envelope a little bit, depending on Territorial Seeds and my live plant order, but should be do-able because Susan and I have finally started doing what we’ve been talking about doing for several years and sharing garden work.
We did our first scheduled day last week. Susan and Anastasia were over here helping me dig out my worm bin, plant iris bulbs, and set seeds for spring flowers. Then, since we’d finished with all the projects that I had for my garden that day by just after noon, Susan and I adjourned to her house to whack up some sod and put in new shade beds. Something that we intend to finish tomorrow. The back of my car is currently full of gardening tools, a sifting screen, and my rototiller. I love my rototiller! 🙂

The new front garden is blooming. I managed to fling enough bulbs last fall that the squirrels haven’t eaten all of the crocuses, but the little buggers are sure taking their toll. As it is I prefer the omnivorous little bastards go for the crocuses (croci?) than the hyacinths, the daffodils, or (heaven forfend) the lilies. All it’s gonna take is one uprooted hyacinth and it’s gonna be squirrel stew for dinner.
If the light is right tomorrow I intend to take the first of a series of photos of the new garden in its blooming phases — like one photo a week through the entire summer just so I can chart its progress. I’m absolutely ridiculous. That garden makes me SO happy.

Flit and Pogo are blooming as well. They caught their first bug of the spring this evening. It only took them twenty bloody minutes to catch and eat the damned thing. It’s a good thing they don’t have to rely on their hunting skills to keep their bellies full.
In addition to fetching they have both currently taken a purple passion for catching. As in, they’ll bring you a ball then lope 5-10 feet away and crouch. You are supposed to fling the ball so that it travels somewhat, but not too, high over their head so they can leap up and catch it (or fail to as the case may be) in mid-air.
After 17 years I’d forgotten how funny kittens can be. Between paper bags, stuffing arms under things (note to self: clean under refrigerator), rampant sock-napping, Flitter’s seemingly undying passion for nurking on Andrew’s beard, and Pogo’s bizarre fascination with anything resembling water…. Kittens are just plain funny and these two little weirdoes are a remarkable example of the species.

Okay, that last is really saccharine, but I’m besotted and I don’t do it often. What can I say, I’m sleepy. I’m almost never up past 10, let alone actually thoroughly conscious and coherent.

“We are currently awaiting the loading of our complement of small lemon-soaked paper napkins for your comfort, refreshment and hygiene during the journey. The cabin crew will shortly be serving coffee and biscuits again.”

(brief author’s note: if you recognize it, you get a cookie. I told you I was sleepy! 😀 )

2 Responses to “Your Patience is Appreciated……”

  1. Dalek Says:

    Your owning a rototiller is insanely cool. :mrgreen: I know you mentioned that various plans were already in motion, but do you need/want assistance with the 50th planning/organizing beyond what we already discussed (the list)? Also, do you need me to pop by while you’re gone and tend plants?

  2. Val Says:

    Of course I know the reference! I’ve got lots and lots of geek street cred….

    Many years ago when Alan and I “bulbed” the flowerbeds with an insane number of tulip bulbs–all carefully selected and arranged to compliment each other in height, blooming time, and color scheme–we learned it was a lost cause. Too many varmints like moles and voles did a whole lot of work rearranging our carefully planned tulip plantings into semi randomized madness. And apparently white tulip bulbs are the tastiest. Live and learn. We don’t bother anymore. Hmmm…we do have an outside cat now who gleefully displays her trophies on our back steps. Maybe we can risk bulbing the garden again with her on patrol.

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