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Listening to the news on Morning Edition on my way to work at 0630 this morning.

Newscast started out with an overview of President Obama’s recent trip to Turkey and how he’s trying to open doors to the Muslim world, changing America’s approach to other nations. The newscaster, I can’t remember which it was, was talking about how the president had made a speech to a group of high school age students regarding the future of Turkey’s relationship with the U.S. and Europe.
They cut to a sound bite of the finale of Mr. Obama’s speech, as follows:
“The world will be what you make of it.”

The news cast then continued on with:
“In other news today a car bomb exploded in Baghdad this morning killing seven people and injuring many others….”

I hope the Turkish students to whom Mr. Obama spoke can make of the world a better place than the current generation has.

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