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I only just found out that an impressive archive of videos from the fantastic 90’s-era performance art/music group Emergency Broadcast Network is available for viewing/download online by EBN front man Josh Pearson.

EBN’s opus Telecommunication Breakdown continues to be one of my very favorite CDs in my collection. Their audio work is astounding, but combined with Pearson’s deft and video editing it is nothing short of ground-breaking. Not everything up there is solid gold, but all of it is interesting and very well composed. My personal favorites are “Electronic Behavior Control System“, “Get Down!“, “3 7 8” and “Psychoactive Drugs“.

Click here to go to the archive. Enjoy!

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  1. mike Says:

    I totally forgot all about EBN but one look at Josh’s face 😯 and it was a total flashback. I’m trying to recall a documentary from about 15 years ago that featured EBN and other groups that where underground or being marginalized? It also featured a band in the U.S called U2 that was being sued by “the U2” even though they had the name first. This video is probably on the web somewhere. Wish I could remember it’s name. I remember seeing it at Hemingway hall or the Physsci auditorium at UH long ago. You were probably with me in attendance and we where most likely out of our minds on substances 8)

  2. mike Says:

    where were where wehre hwrew wereheww 🙄

  3. Uncle Andrew Says:

    You know, the 😯 smiley is probably the best icon for Josh Pearson’s face that I’ve ever seen. Good choice.

    I don’t recall the video you’re referring to, but what you’re talking about sounds suspiciously like Negativland, who got sued by U2 for putting the word “U2” on an album cover. Thus began a long and nefarious battle between the two bands, culminating in their 1991 album “These Guys Are From England And Who Gives A Shit”. Here’s one of my favorite tracks.

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