Things I Probably Should Just Let Alone

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Why is it that you almost never see a chicken omelette on a menu at a restaurant? Is there some sort of unwritten taboo against dishes that suspend the carcass of an animal in the secretions or emanations of the same animal? Is that why you also almost never see a Porterhouse milkshake?

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  1. mike Says:

    Your post has arrived on the same day I have heard the news from Kailua of the death of a family member our 16 year old bantam hen; Henny. RIP

    Actually there seems to be a lot of Chicken omelette stuff on the web. I imagine any self respecting chinese restaurant would serve you up something. Does chicken fried rice count?

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Actually there seems to be a lot of Chicken omelette stuff on the web.

    Well, yes, but I didn’t say that there were almost no recipes for chicken omelettes in existence; just that I almost never see one on a restaurant menu. There are almost as many Google hits for sardine omelette as there are for chicken omelette, and oddly enough there are almost twice as many returns for peanut butter omelette as for chicken. Any noun or noun phrase you couple with the word omelette gets at least a few hits, including a few I choose not to reproduce here. Doesn’t mean that they’ll be showing up on a Denny’s menu any time soon.

  3. Erik Dix Says:

    Isn’t there something biblical… a “Thou Shalt Not” having to do with “a beast seethed in it’s mothers milk” ?

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