Presented for Your Confusion

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It’s not quite food fright, but it’s damn weird nonetheless.

Found this while we were poking around at Long’s Drugs in the Manoa Marketplace (went there for okazu and manapua at Island Manapua).

Vermont Curry?!

I’m not even sure where to start.
Curry? Fine, I understand curry. I can even get my mind around curry sauce with a touch of apple and honey.
Vermont? Yep, got a solid handle on Vermont.
Product of Japan? No problemo. Especially in this state, Product of Japan doesn’t create any confusion at all.

All three together? Nope. Sorry. Does not compute.

The manapua were fantastic though. :mrgreen:
Sorry Dave, there won’t be any of this batch left by the time you get here, but we can always get more.

2 Responses to “Presented for Your Confusion”

  1. Erik Dix Says:

    Definitely a questionable food item, but given a choice between that and the canned corned beef that I just got a couple of thousand miles south of you in French Polynesia, I’d take the curry.

    Three days of indigestion in one small can. The baguettes are great though.

    Speaking of questionable food, do they have Corasol in Hawaii? I’ve been given two and I’m not exactly sure what to do with them, they’re just sitting there on the galley counter looking like a couple of the eggs from Alien. The ramboutan I figured out right away, a lot like a fuzzy lychee, they’re great but I feel like I’m cannibalizing a muppet when I eat one.

    Aloha, or Kaoha (I think that’s the term here)

  2. Shawn Says:

    Ahh Reminds me of the days on the fahm gathered round the ‘Ol Maple tree eating curried squirl.
    Those where the days indeed, some times Ma would boil up a pot of pill bugs, only crustacean we had in the green mountain state, good times… good times don’t ya know.

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