Say What?

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Sometimes I just have to wonder about the captains at the helm of our multinational media empires.

Playing right this very moment on ABC Family: Wife Swap.

Okay, we all know it’s not what it sounds like. But honestly, did you people have to give it that cheesy double-entendre “oomph” in order to draw people in? To the friggin’ family channel, no less?

“Tonight on ABC Family: Butt Plug! The heartwarming story of two adorable urchins’ struggle to help their father quit smoking!”


14 Responses to “Say What?”

  1. Gavin Says:

    The only thing “family” about the ABC Family channel is the word in the name.

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Yeah, that’s certainly the impression I got. What a wierd marketing ploy! “Hey, let’s call our channel the ‘Family’ channel but not put family friendly programming on it. No one will notice, and even if they do, what are they gonna do, change the channel?”

  3. Val Says:

    Heh. “Wife Swap” is actually originally a TV show from England. A few years
    ago I was on an extended trip to the UK so I watched a lot of British TV. Very
    odd stuff, and after about 10PM pretty much anything goes. I was shocked, SHOCKED
    I tell you at what was being broadcast. Titillating “documentaries” on beastiality,
    the porn industry, and sex therapy etc. So, when I saw “Wife Swap” come up on the
    schedule, I pretty much figured the show was going to be what the title implies.
    Imagine my shock to learn otherwise.

  4. Val Says:

    By the way, you’re looking good!

  5. Uncle Andrew Says:

    By the way, you’re looking good!

    Awww….thank you! *blush*

    In addition to the diet, Margaret and I started working out again come the New Year. The power of the “pinky swear” agreement; it’s what got us on Atkins a few years back.

    Not quite down to the point where I’d look good in your bikini again, but I’m working on it. πŸ˜€

  6. Val Says:

    Sweetie, I don’t look good in my bikini either.

  7. margaret Says:

    HEY!! I’d forgotten about the bikini photo! I think I even know where it still is hidden!

    We’re planning our 10th anniversary trip to the UK for this spring. Maybe we’ll check out the BBC after 10 p.m. if it’s really that good….er..interesting…..er….er…..shocking! Yeah, that’s it! Val, if it shocks you, I’ve gotta check it out.

  8. Uncle Andrew Says:

    HEY!! I’d forgotten about the bikini photo! I think I even know where it still is hidden!

    No. No, you don’t. πŸ˜›

  9. Val Says:

    I think you should post the bikini photo. Just think of the traffic that would generate!

  10. Uncle Andrew Says:

    I’m planning on publishing it posthumously upon my death.

  11. Gavin Says:

    Perhaps this helps explain the corporate strategy at Disney. Looks like the disney channel, abc family, abd abc are just the ramp up to bigger and, er, well, other things… : S

  12. Gavin Says:

    Sorry, wrong link. Try this.

  13. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Cute articles! That first one had me giggling, because I know someone who worked for Big Mouse for a while, and he said that animators and artists quite intentionally add sexually explicit easter eggs to Disney materials as a form of protest over the fascistic working conditions. The minister’s knee in The LIttle Mermaid really does sport wood. πŸ˜‰

    As for the second page, well, I’m not terribly surprised that Disney feels it has to branch out in order to keep afloat. In a capitalist system, demand drives supply, and if the suppliers don’t feel like cashing in on a market, it probably means there isn’t enough meat there to sustain the effort. Hell, I’ve lit on the Pax Channel for a couple of seconds while on my way to another station….a couple of seconds was more than enough.

    Maybe people who don’t want their children unduly influenced by the darker aspects of the media would do well to strive for less exposure to media in general.

  14. Val Says:

    And let us not forget the ever famous “Squashed bananas up his ass…Squashed bananas
    up his ass” sound bite from Rashiki in the Lion King sound effects story book! I still
    have that somewhere….

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