With Apologies To Cute Overload For The Plagarism

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But I’ve really got to put this to a vote.

According to scientific designation, baby mongoose are called pups.

I vote no, however. Really, baby mongoose should be called mongoslings.

3 Responses to “With Apologies To Cute Overload For The Plagarism”

  1. Dalek Says:

    Mon-goslings, yes. Mon-gooselings, sure. Mongo-slings – which is how my brain originally parsed that word – …not so much, at least not for the cute little pups. And as for Mongol-slings, let’s not even go there. 😉

  2. fisherbear Says:

    Why Mongo need sling? Mongo not know. Mongo just pawn in game of life.

    (Yep, went straight there, didn’t pass Go or anything)

  3. Margaret Says:

    Oh, we can go all over with Mongo. Candygram anyone?

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