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tennis elbow?!
it’s 30 years or more since i’ve touched a tennis racquet and yet the hand specialist says that the ouchie elbow thing that has been tormenting me for weeks is effin’ tennis elbow?!
i don’t make enough money to have a snooty complaint like tennis elbow.

but it doesn’t matter really, that’s what the hand specialist says. actually he says “lateral epicondylitis” which does sound a bit less snooty.
and in the relief of same he’s injected cortisone around the tendon that passes over the lateral epicondyle of my left ulna.

he said yesterday that at first i’d not thank him for the cortisone injection since initially it would increase the pressure and inflammation of that area and y’know….. he was right. once the local anesthetic he poked in with the cortisone wore off my left elbow has been, by far, the most noticeable part of my body. 😯 i think you could probably see my bloody left elbow from space. DEEP space.

so i’m to spend the weekend with my arm in a sling wearing slip on shoes, and pants with elastic waistbands since i can’t tie my shoes and i can’t manage buttons or zippers. and you, my friends and family, are the proud perusers (if that’s a word) of the very first UADN post done entirely in hunt and peck with one hand.

it’s amazing what one can do with only one hand. and really, really, really frustrating to find out what i can’t dowithout my left hand.

anyone want an elbow? i’ve got one i can let go cheap.

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