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Uncle AndrewUncle Andrew
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Would the individual who had this lovely piece of chocolate sushi Fedexed to my house

Chocolate Sushi

please come forward so I can thank you personally?

7 Responses to “All Points Bulletin”

  1. Joe Says:


    Going on three days and no name for your secret sushi admirer. Could this be a subtle hint from a stalker? What could it mean? Fish implies death (sleeping with the fishes)… Sushi implies and edible nature to the threat ala Hannibal Lecter… But chocolate, the mind boggles at the possibilities…

    Or Not.

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Joe, that diatribe was so convoluted and weird that I’m tempted to finger you as the sender. 😀

  3. Val Says:

    Mmmmm…. Sushi.

  4. Uncle Andrew Says:

    You people are driving me crazy. Would someone please just fucking FESS UP?

  5. Gavin Says:

    You know it wasn’t me, I send Spam.

  6. Val Says:

    T’weren’t me either. I have something else I was going to send Margaret, but I’ll have to hold off on that now.

  7. Dalek Says:

    Damn. It wasn’t me – but I wish I could take credit for that! It’s genius!

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