Happy Holidays!

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I usually send out Christmas cards. I intended to do the same this year, but when I got around to getting them out to stuff and address I found that I had none.
See, every year I usually go a little crazy with the Unicef catalogue and order a whole bunch of cards not realizing that I’d done the same the year before and still had some left over. It’s kind of a brain fart-ish holiday tradition and I can’t feel bad about it….I’m supporting Unicef after all!
Except that, as it turns out, I actually had some sort of brain fart in my brain fart last year and realized that I still had a ton of holiday cards and that I didn’t need to order any more.
So I didn’t.
The left overs from 2007 exactly took care of the list for 2008 and I was thrilled, thinking that I’d be able to make a big fat Unicef order in the summer or fall of 2009 and get a whole new batch of pretty cards. Unicef always has the prettiest cards.
Have you ever thought to check your supply of holiday cards in August or September?
Nope. Neither have I.
So three weeks ago when I sat down to do the Christmas cards I opened the drawer where I usually keep them and they weren’t there. I thought it was odd, but then remembered that I’d shifted things around in my desk drawers and filing cabinets after I finished redecorating my study last year so I checked the drawer where the Christmas cards _used_ to be. And you know what? The weren’t there either!
Suffice it to say that the Christmas cards that I thought were in my study weren’t, in fact, in my study because I’d sent them all out last year. And if you order holiday cards from Unicef in the first week of December, you can bet that you won’t get them in any prompt fashion (it being December and all). Mine came yesterday.

So happy holidays everyone. If I’m feeling energetic I might send out New Years cards this year, but since all of the pretty cards that I purchased from Unicef three weeks ago are, for the most part, Christmas or Hanukkah themed it seems a little silly to send them out after Hanukkah and Christmas are over.
But here’s a couple of pretty pictures anyway.
Ex Moose House
Isn’t Doug (on the left) cute in his new Christmas lights?

Ex Moose Tree

Peace and joy to you all.

2 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Shawn the saddened Saint Says:

    No card!!!! 🙁
    After my Choir of Wayward boys and I Caroled upon your porch Christmas day ( a beautiful rendition of “Silent night” if I recall) the least you could do is send a card.

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    After that paint-peeling caterwaul you and your posse treated us to, you should get us a card. “Deepest Sympathy”, perhaps…. 😛

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