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Last night Margaret and I were watching a few episodes of South Park off the new Season 7 DVD set. There are a number of episodes from that season that we really enjoy. One of our favorites is “Christian Rock Hard”, in which Cartman bets Kyle ten bucks that he can  get a platinum album by forming a Christian rock band before Kyle’s band can get one with, well, their crappy garage-band music. The climax of the show comes when, having sold over 1 million of their debut album, Cartman’s band Faith Plus 1 is awarded a Myrrh album (in the storyline, the Chrisitan music industry awards Gold, Frankinsence and Myrrh albums instead of Gold and Platinum). When Cartman finds out he can never get an actual Platinum album with his Christian rock band—that he has lost the bet—he goes berserk.

When the show was done I turned the stereo back to “FM” in preparation for listening to the radio outside in the hot tub the next morning. Only there was no sound. Hmm, strange; we were hearing the DVD just fine.

Ah, I see: we were only hearing the DVD through the center channel speaker. The left and right speakers were set to the other speaker switch. The one that goes….


In other words, we were playing our South Park DVD, including a little kid screaming, “Fuck Jesus!” (they bleeped it out on TV, naturally) for our neighbors.


I kind of expected to come out the next morning and find a crowd of villagers with torches and pitchforks on the lawn. Or at least the outdoor speakers ripped off the wall. Thank goodness we have a large back yard; nice big-anti-apostasy buffer. ❗

2 Responses to “Oo-oops….”

  1. Gavin Says:

    Bet you’re glad you weren’t watching a porn flick. Soundtrack wise I guess it’s a wash.

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    I dunno….porn or South Park….which is more likely to offend the average American? that’s a toughie.

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