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Based on a request from Joe (aka FacePlant), I have decided to put up a category specifically for members of the Domestic Violence Fraggers List. In conjunction with the creation of this category, I’ve added a comment subscription option to my blog. You can now elect to be emailed when a new comment is posted in a particular blog entry (the link to do so is right under the text entry field in the Coment form).

I invite anyone interested in competing against actual human beings (rather than bots) on the teeny tiny field of battle to post the days/times they are hoping to be online, and for others to subscribe to this post and respond accordingly, whether by mail, by comments, or by gunfire. 😉

Happy Fragging!

65 Responses to “Fragslist”

  1. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Hey Adam! My server actually crashed. It’s rebooted now…..

  2. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Folks wanna dance tonight (Friday), say around 9:30pm? If so, make sure you have the newest maps:


    Same ones I posted about on 3/17. Download and install those puppies!


  3. YakBoy Says:

    Folks wanna dance tonight (Friday), say around 9:30pm?

    I am intrigued by this idea and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  4. Uncle Andrew Says:


    I’ve moved my UT server to a separate address. Domestic Violence is now at:

    Password is the same. See you on the field of ouchie!


  5. YakBoy Says:

    really hate to say this, but I just experienced the very same disconnect/unable to reconnect problem that I have been having all along 🙁

  6. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Damn, and things were going so well yesterday. 😕 Well, it isn’t the router then, we know that for sure.

  7. Uncle Andrew Says:

    I just hooked Domestic Violence to a new router, at the same old/new address ( If anyone has a few minutes to do so, could you come on in and let me know if the high pings and offgekickedness problems have been alleviated?


    Uncle Andrew

  8. Joe Says:

    Could you check the URL for the new maps and post an update if it has changed? I tried playing last night and discovered that I had not installed your latest map releases. When I tried the address you listed for those maps they were unreachable. I had to let Unreal load them off the server. Some of those maps are huge and loading takes forever.

    Also, I wanted to give you a heads up. I encountered a lot of glitches while playing. Mostly, I would become unable to move while the map vibrated around me. I will check my machine to see if it is a local problem or related to bandwidth or the server.

  9. Uncle Andrew Says:

    You know what, Joe? The directory is there, it’s available for access by all users, the directory is set for browse….and the fucker still doesn’t show up. Not even when I try to access it via a browser on the server itself. Weird. Have to look into that some more.

    Your stuttering problems (okay, your computer’s stuttering problems) are indicative of a network problem, most likely on my end. This program really doesn’t take a lot of bandwidth, so I’m just not sure what the problem is. I’m going to reboot my server and see if that helps.

  10. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Fixed it master “Read” permissions for the parent directory had changed for some reason. Maps are now available for download:


  11. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Hey, would someone be so kind as to try out the server at their convenience? I did some tweaking to the .ini file and am hoping that this will be the magic bullet that cures the Saint Vitus’ Dance the folks seem to encounter when connecting. Lemme know how it goes. Thanks!

  12. Uncle Andrew Says:

    A quick note: I’ve moved Domestic Violence over to a new box and it seems to be running quite well, at least over the LAN. I’d love to have people come in and give it a test., same password as before. Let me know how it works, if at all.

  13. YakBoy Says:

    Hey, tried your UT server yesterday…er…day before yesterday now I guess, connected no problem, ran smooth like buttah.

    Only problem was that there seemed to be only one map.

  14. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Only problem was that there seemed to be only one map.

    I think I’ve fixed that. At least, the map cycled when I tested it out this afternoon.

  15. Uncle Andrew Says:

    Due to a recent shakedown here at the NOC, my UT server has been moved back to the same address as my blog. So now you get there by going to uncle-andrew.net. Password is the same. I hope to get together with a few of you and shoot some heads in the near future!

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