I’ll take ‘real live pain in the ass’ for $100 please…..

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I haven’t had to study like this in almost 20 years. Like, since I was studying for my national board exams.
And I did this to myself voluntarily. On PURPOSE no less. I PAID for this torture. I paid a lot of $dough$ for this torture (well, really only $320 which, considering that I’m getting 16 continuing education credits for it is a pretty damn good price, but still).

Which is not to say that I’m not enjoying the intellectual stimulation, but why, when I KNEW that I had extremely little down time, at a time of year when there are PLENTY of other things that are demanding my time……

Well, I can only conclude that I’m a nutjob.

My interpretation of my performance in class so far (two weeks into an eight week course)?

I do fine with thyroid issues. I’m pretty up to date on diabetes and hypoglycemia. I SUCK at adrenal and parathyroid. Thank GOD we’re moving on to dentistry this week. If, for no other reason, than it means that I can try and put my miserable performance as regards adrenal glands, behind me.

As for the rest of the world as it pertains to chez Us…….
The garden really, REALLY didn’t like the cold and wind snap that we’ve had. The peas are doing okay, the radishes and onions are doing okay, but I’m not sure whether the beans are going to do anything. The front garden is lovely and there are two mysterious patches of tulips coming into bloom that *I* didn’t plant. No idea at all where they came from.
Andrew and I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday taking the train into the market, puttering around the market and then taking the train back home.
Have I mentioned that we’re light rail whores?
Right. The Link rocks. That is *R*O*C*K*S*.
Best trip we’ve had to the market in a LONG time.
Andrew is up to his eyeballs in obsolete computers that he is refurbishing for a local charity. He’d be donating them to this local charity, but every time he and Brother Herman manage to get ahold of each other (which is rare) they can’t manage to actually meet face to face so that Andrew can hand over the refurbished computers. It’s a good thing that Andrew’s man cave is good sized, because otherwise he’d have no space to work.
We are currently in the process of torturing Flit mercilessly. At least that’s her interpretation of the way things are going. About six weeks ago I found an abrasion on the inside of her right front leg which we have been trying, using various means, to keep her away from. At this point we’re down to bandaging the leg, smearing the bandage with foul tasting cream, and keeping Flit on happy drugs. Which makes her stoned, her brother insecure, and me, as Doctor In Residence, switching between annoyed, frustrated, and very sad about the fact that there’s something wrong with the cat that I can’t fix.
Maybe I should be taking those happy drugs too.
Except I know that they’d interfere with my performance in class. 🙄

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