More words I can’t leave alone

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Reading medical journals is often a crap shoot. Sometimes what you get is interesting and immediately engaging, sometimes it’s a bloody bore.

Three words I picked up on a recent troll through a half stack of the Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association.
(Note, please, that, like a stack, a half stack is a metaphysical measurement of things that you know you gotta, but don’t necessarily wanna, read. The actual number that comprises a stack or a half stack varies depending on how many of the item there actually are and how much, or little, you actually want to read them.)

I’ll give you the first because there is no way on earth that y’all will be able to work backwards through the etymology of it and come up with any sort of answer.

A gossypiboma is a sterile, benign, inflammatory mass that forms within an abdominal cavity around a retained surgical sponge.
Isn’t that a great word though? Isn’t it just like the medical establishment to have come up with an actual word for something like that? I’m the first to admit that mistakes happen, but it sounds so much more official and so much less “Oops! THAT wasn’t supposed to happen!” when you have a cool word for it.

The next two are related and you are going to have to work through the etymology of them to come up with a definition.

Major word nerd cred attaches to those who can come up with definitions without resorting to a dictionary, a thesaurus, or Wikipedia. Parents might, and I emphasize the might, just have a little edge over those who aren’t parents.

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  1. fisherbear Says:

    As a longtime devotee of omphaloskepsis, I might have a shot at those…

    the coelacanth is named for the hollow spines in its fins, and phlebitis is a swelling, so I’m gonna guess “innie” and “outie”.

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