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Like most people, I imagine, I have a morning ritual I go through most weekdays whilst preparing for the day. All the usual stuff, of course: exercise, bathe, coffee, breakfast, coffee, dress, coffee, morning commute—admittedly, a total of 45 steps down a flight of stairs into the basement, but a commute nonetheless—and coffee. From there, one of the first things I do is to scan a selection of Web sites for important and/or interesting news and information. Accelerate Your Mac, Snopes, Slashdot, Endgadget, EcoGeek, Versiontracker, SmallNetBuilder, US-CERT’s Cyber-Security Bulletin and the forums of a couple of hardware vendors whose products I use both personally and professionally. Then there’s a few sites trawled for their pure entertainment value: Fark, Penny Arcade, Dork Tower, Kotaku, Cute Overload, Daily KOS, and Wonkette.

I don’t usually do much more than skim Wonkette; not because it isn’t funny and clever and quite to the point, but because it tends to be a bit too aggressive for my taste. Or rather, Wonkette on top of my regular early weekday morning wake-up of Stephanie Miller is a bit too aggressive for my taste. One or the other is fine, but both stacked on top of each other is a bit too much snark for that time of the morning. And since I started listening to Stephanie Miller first, she gets grandmothered in.

However, I just became aware of Wonkette’s ongoing comic strip entitled Ayn Rand’s Adventures in Wonderland, by artist, blogger and Wonkette contributor Benjamin Frisch, and I suggest that everyone go and take a look at it. It is a delicious, bile-fortified, snark-frosted scone of satire, fit for any breakfast buffet.

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