A Finite Impossibility is an Infinite Improbability

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Because I can’t use this title twice, that’s why.


As I said before, I drive a different route to work than I do from work. It all has to do with driving in (relatively) straight lines and taking as few turns as I can manage to get away with.
I leave our house, I take a left and two rights then I drive in a straight line without having to turn for another 10 minutes which is almost 3/4 of my trip.
I leave work, I take a left and I drive in a straight line without having to turn for another 15 minutes or until I’m almost home.
If I tried to take either route backwards I’d end up making more turns sooner in the drive which, for some reason, irritates me. Especially at a quarter after 6 in the morning.
Regardless, take it as fact that I’m peculiar and stop picking nits.

The meat of the case is this:
Two very disparate routes driven in one day.
Thousands upon THOUSANDS of licensed drivers in King County.
Wild variability in the time I leave work every day. I actually leave for work within a fairly tight timeframe so that’s less of a concern.
And the aforementioned 22 controlled intersections in one direction and the 25 in the other.

So what are the odds that I’d get stuck behind the very same guy for the majority of my drive on both my way to and my way from work on Tuesday?

I’m mistaken maybe? Two guys driving two different, but similar, cars?
The exact same guy with the exact same hat, the exact same two tone Aryan Isle sweater, and the exact same mid ’80s Nissan 240SX.
Who wanted to drive TWENTY MILES AN HOUR.

I didn’t mind so much on my way to work, but dude do NOT get between me and home once I can leave work.

2 Responses to “A Finite Impossibility is an Infinite Improbability”

  1. Dalek Says:

    Obviously the newbie they assigned to follow you needs remedial “how to shadow your subject” training at the local Spies’R’Us. :mrgreen:

    Did I ever tell you about the time Mer and I were “followed” by white vans pretty much through the entirety of a three-day road trip? 😉

  2. Margaret Says:

    It was just so danged WEIRD! Two trips, two extremely disparate times of day, two entirely random (except to someone who is trying to get back and forth from my house to my place o’ biz) routes and THE SAME DAMNED SLOW DRIVER.
    Some sort of weird hoodoo on that drive, I tells ya’.
    Was it the same white van for the entire three days?

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