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I’m not certain whether this is ironic, an epic FAIL, or merely spooky.

On my way home from work this afternoon I stopped at our local QFC to get some toothpaste. Andrew and I favor Tom’s of Maine and we ran out a few days ago. Lemme tell you, after Tom’s, Colgate Total (a gimme from my last dentist’s appointment) is NASTY.
Beyond the point.

I was at the QFC getting toothpaste.
It’s on sale! YIPPEE! Let’s grab three tubes of toothpaste while it’s 30% off!

I went to the U-Check line because after a long day at work I do NOT want to talk to anyone who is paid to be chirpy.
In the U-Check line, at least in the U-Check lines at our QFC, there are little coupon printer thingies that start spitting coupons at you when you start ringing up your purchases.

I scanned my QFC card, I scanned my first tube of toothpaste.

The printer spat out a coupon for Private Selections brand Premium Strawberry Harvest Ice Cream.

Irony, FAIL, or an attempt to boost toothpaste sales.

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