Wednesday 10 a.m.

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Author’s note: For some reason I didn’t post this last Wednesday. Likely because we did fly to Kona and for some peculiar reason that Andrew understands and I don’t, Sara’s cable internet speed is LOUSY (like 56K dial-up modem lousy) and I didn’t bother to do any writing at all for three days. Keep reading, I’ll catch y’all up.

There wasn’t an awful lot going on this morning at 10 a.m. It was a late and lazy, sit-around-the-living-room-drinking-coffee sort of morning supplemented by malasadas from Agnes’ bakeshop.

And since we’re flying out to Kona tomorrow to spend the holiday at Sara and Danny’s place, we got some packing done, I took a quick soak in the pool (it’s finally stopped raining) and Andrew went to do some updating on Lucy’s computer. That was about 11:30. It’s just before 4p.m. now and he’s still at it.
Me, I had a lovely nap, I read my book, and I may walk down to the beach to read my book and have a nap.
I promise we’ll get more interesting tomorrow.

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