My hat is off….

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Posted by one of my online veterinary buddies on the humor board of the Veterinary Information Network.
A synopsis of a newspaper article regarding the prank played at a high school near her.

Turns out that a group of high school seniors released 3 goats into the school to roam and cause havoc. But before they released the goats they spray painted them with #1, #2, and #4.

The school administration spent the entire rest of the day looking for goat #3.

I am in awe!

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  1. Valerie Says:


  2. Caitlin Slattery Says:

    Now, with no prompting from the studio audience, it’s time for our contestant to make his choice!
    Door Number One…
    Door Number Two…
    Or Door Number Four?!
    What happened to Door Number Three?
    It suffered from a mechanical breakdown during the commercial break.

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